CEPSTRA GRUP offers a wide range of expertise, in order to quantify the environmental impact that your company’s activity generates.

One of the main services that we offer to our clients is monitoring environmental quality with our own equipment, checked metrologically, through our own environmental laboratory, certified by RENAR.

We use GIS software to illustrate the location of economical and industrial objectives, the distribution of modelled/measured values for relevant indicators regarding the quality of the environmental factors, as well as the location of sensitive receptors in the area of interest.

One of our special projects involved monitoring the impact of the Nuclear Power Plant in Cernavodă upon terrestrial and aquatic environments; using GIS software, we illustrated the mapping and the pollutant dispersion in the environment according to emission sources, sensitive receptors (e.g. inhabited areas and protected areas, other environmental factors), within a relevant area.

The special technologies used in the GIS field are meant to modernize our services through a professional and dilligent approach.

The development of the geo-spatial layers in an environment assesment is needed for geo-processing purposes, for annalysis and suggestive illustration of the environmental data (noise, air quality, biodiversity, water, soil, etc)