Environmental documentation

"By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart." - Confucius

Documentation needed for development/modernization process and in obtaining the environment authorization for economic operators:


  • Technical documentation needed to obtain the notice regarding the execution of projects such as water supply and sewerage on an industrial establishment;
  • Technical documentation needed to obtain the water management permit;
  • Technical memo needed to obtain wastewater discharge agreement


• Studies on environmental protection, according to the national legislation in this field : Environmental impact assessment studies, Environmental Reports for plans and programs, Environmental Audits level I and II, including Risk Assesment studies, Site Reports for establishments that fall under Law nr. 278/2013 on industrial emissions, industrial establishments situation reports, Strategical sound mapping and action plans for industrial sources, road traffic, rail traffic and air traffic.

Environmental activities conducted for economic operators according to the regulatory acts and the applicable legislation in the environment field:

  • Notifications regarding the establishing of environmental duties in case of activity closure, procedures for the sale of a majority stock, sale of assets, fusion, division, concession or other cases that involve change of the holder, as well as winding up followed by liquidation, liquidation, bankruptcy, closure of business activities, etc
  • Organic solvent management plan
  • Reports on waste generation and management
  • Calculation of the contributions and taxes to be paid to the Environment Fund Administration

In adittion, through BREEAM noise studies, we are able to offer solutions and technical assistance for the optimal dimensioning of the buildings’ facades, based on the results obtained through acoustic modelling.

We provide Environmental Due Diligence consultancy- DDM- regarding the way an environmental regulated establishment’s liabilities to the environment can be assumed, so that the purchaser can evaluate the costs and the time frame needed to fulfill these environmental obligations.

Our services rely on the experience and know-how of CEPSTRA GRUP team, certified and accredited by competent institutions.

CEPSTRA GRUP holds the following professional attestations/certifications/credentials:

CEPSTRA GRUP holds modern equipment and software, which is used in the development of studies and technical documentation in its areas of competence.

We possess geographic information systems, high accuracy GPS, IT information systems, ArcGIS licence and supporting equipments, which provide accuracy of the results.