CEPSTRA GRUP - The Environment is our priority!

“Science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’ame” F. RABELAIS

Our services

Protecting the environment is the key element for people’s health and well-being.

Cepstra GRUP offers environmental consultancy services for various companies in different economic sectors, whose activities are regulated from the environmental point of view, based on studies and reports required by the appointed authority in this field and also for nummerous companies that aim to develop planns, projects and programs.

Noise and vibrations

What defines and both differentiates us from our competitors is an advanced approach of noise level assesment through the use of methods provided in Commission Directive (EU) 2015/996 of 19 May 2015 establishing common noise assessment methods according to Directive 2002/49/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, transposed into national legislation by Law 121/2019 on ambient noise assessment and management.

CEPSTRA GRUP is able to ellaborate strategic sound mapping, according to the conditions imposed by law, for the main noise sources:

  • road transport
  • rail transport
  • air transport
  • industrial activities, including ports


Because we care about the environment and the quality of life, we offer consultancy services aimed to identify solutions for propper functioning of economic operators in various sectors.


Air quality is a priority for us, given the fact that air pollution leads to a major global risk , having a significant impact on human health and life quality, with harmfull effects on ecosystems as well.

Environmental documentation

CEPSTRA GRUP’s team members possess significant experience in the field of environmental protection, having a wide range of specializations needed for conducting environmental assessments; CEPSTRA GRUP is registered in the National Register of Developers of Environmental Assessments and Studies and is also listed in the official List of private institutions specialised in developping the necessary environmental documentations in order to obtain the water management permit and the water management authorization.

Why choose us?

CEPSTRA GRUP offers its clients a broad range of services along with a vast experience, visible in the wholistic approach of the environmental studies developed

We offer consultancy services and solution-oriented studies in the field of environment, drawing up reports required by environmental authorities, e.g. : studies for assessing the environmental impact, environmental assesments, drafting the necessary documentation for obtaining the water management permit and authorization, accoustic mapping studies, BREEAM studies, Due Diligence reports and technical documentation for obtaining the water management permit and water management authorization.


Given the large experience, CEPSTRA GRUP offers its partners an advanced approach of environmental studies, by presenting the right solutions fit to implement the measures proposed in these reports, building teams with experts from adjacent fields:radioactivity, biodiversity, hydrogeology, healthcare, etc.


We are committed with proffessionalism to support companies from various economic sectors to conduct their activities in compliance with law requirements.


We possess modern equipments and specialized software to accurately determine the measured values: noise level, humidity,air pollutant concentration level, GIS coordonates, etc.


If you want professional and high-quality services, as well as an efficient collaboration, contact CEPSTRA GRUP team and set up a meeting to discuss more about your future project!