Clean air is one of the key elements that contributes to the protection of human health and the protection of the environment, as a whole.

The industrial evolution has taught us that living in a clean-air environment is a gift, but also a responsability. Therefore, protecting the air quality is an essential part of environmental protection, a field increasingly regulated at the national and european level, air being a crucial environmental component.

By adhering to the European Union, our country committed to transposing UE’s addopted directives, decisions, plans and programs in order to achieve common goals in environmental protection, particularly air quality protection.

CEPSTRA GRUP offers consulting services on air quality to industrial operators, such as: monitoring the emissions of air pollutants as a result from the combustion of fuel, drafting emission inventories, air quality assessment based on the results of air pollution dispersion modeling and monitoring, drafting air pollution scenarios in order to forecast the impact of industrial activities on air quality.

We offer consultancy on implementing a monitoring program, based on the economic operator’s activity and the applicable legal requirements .